Civil Division

The Civil Division consists of sworn and civilian employees who are assigned to a multitude of tasks. The division covers a broad area of responsibilities from Civil Deputies, School Resource Officers, and Civil Clerks.

The Civil Deputies are charged with the security of Pender County’s two courthouses and civil paper service. The Bailiffs, along with security, also transport the inmates to and from court for their court proceedings. The Civil Deputies also serve civil papers such as Foreclosures, Summary Ejectments, Writ of Executions, Writ of Personal Property, Writ of Real Property, Criminal Summons, Civil Summons, and numerous other court documents.

The Child Support Deputy locates and serves parents in violation of child support court orders.

The School Resource Officers have duty assignments within the Pender County Schools. They assist in providing a safe and healthy campus for the students and staff of our local school system. The SRO’s conduct investigations of violations of general statutes that occur on the school grounds. The SRO’s are not only law enforcement officers; they also perform the roles of counselors and mentors to many of the students.

The G.R.E.A.T. Program is a school-based, law enforcement officer instructed classroom curriculum taught in the Pender County Elementary and Middle Schools. With prevention as its primary objective, the program is taught to decrease youth violence, delinquency and gang membership or involvement.

Our Civil Clerks document and file all criminal and civilian paperwork handled by the Pender County Sheriff’s Office. This paperwork includes warrants, civil papers, traffic citations, child support orders, incident reports, and investigative case files.

The Civil Division also schedules training and maintains the training records for the Pender County Sheriff’s Office employees.